Tuesday, January 1, 2008

farewell to a blessed 525,600 minutes

year 2007 was one of the best years i’ve ever had. it may sound like i’m not too fond of the previous years i’ve lived, but it’s just that this year has been pretty much bountiful for me and hubby. it definitely goes down the list as one of my favorites.

it’s marked as special not only because of the many blessings that we received, but also because a lot of exciting things happened this year. felt like everything started right when we celebrated our 1st anniversary last January as a mister and missus through the civil vow we took. time flew by so quickly…we made it through, and we know we will be celebrating more years of togetherness ahead.

last April, we’ve moved to a slightly bigger apartment, got it smartened up with color schemes, decorated it according to our liking and more importantly, had more friends who came by and visited. we had Lucy and Amanda, our faithful companions, who help us get connected to our loved ones. they are our most treasured machines at home.

halfway through the year, Ryan & i celebrated our respective birthdays surrounded by close friends and people dear to us. we had gatherings with a few surprises thrown in, as well, which made our celebrations truly memorable and extra special.

careerwise, i got my promotion and hubby found a job he’s really interested in. my job took me to New Orleans, USA, to London, UK, and to Monte Carlo, Monaco. in all these business trips, i’ve had many happy memories with my colleagues who were with me. i experienced new things, explored different places, and discovered diverse cultures. in the most recent trip i’ve been to, i was able to bring along hubby, and we were even able to do a bit of sight seeing in the neighboring southern province of Nice in France. (i know i’m meant to share stories about these trips, but will be doing that in another post…this is past due, but i promise to post them before i head back to work on the 13th January) meanwhile, hubby has been so far pleased with what he’s been doing as an IT Consultant. luckily, our schedules are in tune, so the two of us come to and from work together, which is something we both love ‘cause it means more time for the two of us, even in between traffic.

on a related note, Ryan got his driver’s license this year. after 3 tests, he finally snagged it. a driver’s license in Dubai is one of the toughest things to get hold of, and sometimes, the process could really get you down. but thank heavens he ultimately did! ‘twas well worth the trouble because during the later part of this year, we were able to purchase our new ride, Yumi, who has been a wonderful addition to our growing family.

2007 was also the year of our 9th anniversary as best of friends, and it was the best celebration ever! that overnight stay in Fujeirah will always be relished with jovial thoughts. we hope for a good one, too on our 10th :D

this year also proved to be good for us in terms of pursuing our hobbies and interests. hubby was able to work on his baking skill, which is already gaining it’s own fan base. he’s quite pleased that at last he had the chance to fulfil his passion, and i am, of course, 100% supportive of this. on the other hand, i managed to start blogging again after a long hiatus, and my creativity was put into practice through words. i know it needs more work…a little bit of practice every now and then won’t hurt. i’ve minored in writing back in college, so next to talking, this is what i love to do. unfortunately, i’m more inclined with my business writing skills so perhaps this hobby will help me regain my interest in creative writing. add that to the purpose of documenting our lives and imparting our daily tales to our families and friends.
and just before the year ended, we also celebrated our 1st church wedding anniversary. felt like the big day was just yesterday…memories are still fresh in our minds.

we’ve made new friendships in 2007, and rekindled old ones, too. we’ve had more warm embraces, sung happier songs, witnessed more sunshine in our lives, created happier memories, and healed more wounds this year. we’ve received much abundance materially, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. our relationship with God was further strengthened by our deep faith and acknowledgment of the thousand fold blessings that continuously come our way. we are humbled by all of the miracles that He does for us each day, and it makes us truly grateful.

having said a mouthful, we say earnestly say thank you for a good 2007…it was indeed beautiful. we gladly welcome 2008 with open arms, open minds and open hearts. whatever’s in store for us, we are eager and pleased to accept. year of the rat - bring it on!

have a happy & prosperous new year everyone!

the de Gracias

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