Sunday, January 20, 2008

a day full of unions...a day full of love

what are the chances that three of your friends from various circles are getting married on the same day?

this afternoon, we were asked to submit our leave forecast for the year 2008. as i was plotting the dates for our holiday on December, it occurred to me that i have to list down the dates of the weddings that we are invited to so we can plan our departure and arrival dates. the only wedding date we haven’t confirmed is A & M’s so i decided to give A a call. i almost fell off my seat when he told me that their wedding date is also on the 20th December – same as the wedding date of our two other friends with their respective fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e.

i wonder what’s with the 20th that it has become so popular for couples to exchange their vows. well, it’s either that date is extra special for the pair, or simply because it fell on a Saturday, which is convenient for most guests and witnesses to attend. for whatever reasons they have, they sure have created a bit of a dilemma for me. i, for one, hate missing out on special occasions of family and friends alike. out of sincerity of friendship and courtesy, i always make it a point to attend these milestones in their lives, regardless of the likelihood that i would be seated in a table filled with people i do not know. but golly, with all 3 weddings in one day, how could i possibly do that? on a Saturday of December, just a few days before Christmas for that matter??

luckily, one of the 3 weddings is in the morning. that we can easily attend to without a problem because reception finishes by noon. but for the 2 other weddings happening in the afternoon, the only solution hubby & i could think of is for the 2 of us to split – he goes to our college friend’s wedding, i go to my gradeschool friend’s wedding. for the time being, this is our interim solution since it is least likely that we could attend to both weddings, given the proximity of the churches and reception venues, plus the holiday season traffic jams. although Ryan and i would love to be there and attend their special day together, i guess one of us will have to represent “us”, but in a “singular” way.

come to think of it, having all three of these couples make their vows on the same day will make it a lot, lot easier for us to remember their anniversaries! ;-)

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