Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 decades of love…and counting…

dear Mommy & Daddy,

we cannot thank God enough for giving you to us as our parents. we couldn’t find the right words of gratitude to say for everything that you’ve done for us all these years. you’ve nurtured us with your unconditional love and supported us in every decision we made in life. you wished only the best for us, and you’ve even made sacrifices to give us a comfortable life and achieve our dreams, and yet, you did not expect anything in return. we wouldn’t be who we are right now without you...we are so blessed to have you as our parents.

as we celebrate your special day, here’s our special wish for the most loving couple we’ve met in our lifetime: good health to enjoy, more hearty laughter to share, more anniversaries to celebrate and countless memories to make ahead of you!

happy anniversary! we love you Mommy & Daddy!

infinite x’s & o’s,
(GRAcie, MARian & BERnadette)
+ your sons, Ryan & Jeff and grand daughter, Ysha

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