Thursday, December 27, 2007

a year after

today marks our first church wedding anniversary. we count this date as the official anniversary as this was the time we were bound as husband and wife in the eyes of God witnessed by our families and friends.

many people wonder how we ended up together when we were actually from the opposite poles of the globe. we don’t have much things in common, but we’ve managed to hit it off. honestly speaking, i sometimes marvel, too. the only reason i could think of is that we love each other so much that we couldn’t get enough of each other…being together makes us happy despite our differences.

in honor of this important milestone in our life, i am sharing with you 27 reasons why i love being married to Ryan – the man in my life and my partner in everything.

27. he wakes me up from my sleep in a very cute way. i love the puppy look on his face whenever he says “good morning” to me.
26. his smile is like a li’l kid’s…totally makes my day!
25. he is a tactful person…knows when to start talking and when to stop.
24. he adores kids. and kids adore him back. babies love being carried by him, and toddlers enjoy his company. i believe he’ll make a good dad someday.
23. he makes me laugh. i get massive tummy aches whenever i laugh with him, and i love it! he seems serious all the time, but he can really be funny. his wit and sense of humor de-stress me.
22. he teases me relentlessly. i’m “pikon” but never with him. i secretly like him teasing me :D
21. we make a good tandem if there’s a competition for food tasting. we enjoy eating out and discovering new restos and caf├ęs together. in short: we love to EAT.
20. he has a relatively good fashion sense. he is quite conscious of what he wears. he is a minimalist person and would only choose something simple but classy to wear. he’d never be caught dead wearing anything with a big logo or brand name. scared of being called jologs! hahaha!
19. he’s a dog lover like me. a few weeks before i left Manila for Dubai, i got him a black labrador retriever as a Christmas gift. he’s been wanting to have one for the longest time, and since i didn’t want him to spend too much time outside the house to divert his attention while missing me, i decided to get him another “girl” to keep him busy. when he came to Dubai to join me last year, he was so sad leaving Alexis behind and even cried a tear because he missed her so much.
18. he shares my passion in travelling. exploring new places glues us together.
17. i am married to a great cook and an excellent baker. he makes me proud with his skill in the kitchen. he really owns that part of the house.
16. hubby is very smart. he knows a lot of stuff, and it amazes me sometimes. he could join any trivia contests, and i could bet all my bags he would win ;-)
15. he’s not very sweet, but whenever he shows affection, i know that it’s sincere and heartfelt. he shows his warmth not through words but through actions, which is more meaningful and sweet for me.
14. he accompanies me whenever i shop. i know that he minds my way of shopping because i tend to stay in one shop for too long and he complains about it. but he still keeps tagging along with me nonetheless.
13. he tolerates my kakikayan and from time to time supports me with my kaartehan in life. of course he also tries to mellow me down a bit when he finds it too much already...hehe!
12. i love the way he calls me “baby”’s music to my ears.
11. waking up next to him everyday is a dream come true.
10. he drives for me wherever i want to go. he brings me to work and picks me up daily, and tries not to complain when i’m late.
9. i can hug and kiss him anytime i want…forever.
8. he knows how to compromise and he deals quite well with my stubbornness.
7. he loves my family – from my parents down to my cousins. he respects my parents and treats my siblings like they are his own.
6. for him, family comes first…ALWAYS. and that’s one trait that is important for me.
5. in this union, i am truly the pampered one. enough said.
4. he appreciates what i do for him. he doesn’t expect or ask too much. he accepts me for who i am and loves the “me” that i love.
3. he is God-fearing. he is patient, kind and generous, and most importantly, he is not judgmental. he has faith in people, and keeps it by reminding himself that there’s always a good side in every man.
2. he is my source of inspiration. never a day he fails to remind me to become a better person and make a good deed.
1. he loves me unconditionally. for him, i am his princess and his one and only.

hubbybear, happy birthday to us. i am happy celebrating this special day with you. thank you for plucking me out of the vast sky to be your wife…i am honored to be your lifetime partner and your very bestfriend. i love you so much! mwaaaahhhhh!!!!


gracita said...

what a sweet post! happy happy anniv and happy birthday narin! (tama bang bday niyo rin? :) sabay kayo?) :D

Roselle said...

Happy everything to you :D Just visiting.

Gracie said...

*blushing* thanks for the greeting gracita! it's our anniv & we consider it our relationship's official birthday