Monday, December 17, 2007

a heart’s tragedy

a person’s heart can only hold so much pain. if the pain is already too much to bear, the only thing left to do is to move on and let go. easy to say, but quite difficult to do. but there are certain things that we must do in order to get on with our lives. when one carries excess baggage, he/she may never experience the beauty of new things that may come across his/her path.

heartbreaks are necessary for people to realize how fragile they are - how vulnerable they can be no matter how successful they are in life. but sometimes, pain from heartbreak can also do you good. it brings out the willingness in you to rise above the ocean of devastation and improve yourself. you can be a better individual after having gone through the ordeal of physical and emotional pain. all you need to have is the determination to get past it through the help of your family and friends. it always works – keeping them around is a fool proof plan.

i would have to say that treachery from a person you have loved so dearly is the highest form of insult. his/her deceit is clearly a manifestation of the lack of respect. and if there is no respect, then there is no love. it really makes me wonder how one person can claim that he/she loves his/her significant other when he/she betrays his/her trust? it just doesn’t make any sense!

i have friends who have suffered severely from loving too much…from giving too much of themselves…and for loving unconditionally despite all the odds. it was unbearable to see them go through such hurtful stage in their lives, but i knew within me that they would get by, and they did eventually. they exerted their best to surpass the dark chapter in their lives, and i am happy for them that they've prevailed. although some of them are still struggling till now, i know that they are slowly getting there. i understand because at some point, i was like one of them. but with a lot of support and prayers, i did manage, too - and i am blessed to have kissed the right frog this time. he turned out to be my prince.

p.s. to my dear soul sister – hang in there, baby… the sun will shine after the storm. i’m here for you.

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