Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the welcoming cold

we woke up to a nippy morning a couple of hours ago. by the time we got out of the apartment, traffic was already starting to build up. reason - this morning's quite hazy all over the place. Ryan had to be extremely careful behind the wheel because there was almost no visibility on the roads. we can only see within 10 meters from our car and traffic lights were a blur. yes, it is officially winter.

i got to the office at exactly 7:00 am. pretty early today as hubby needs to get to work earlier than usual. as i got to the lift, i noticed that only the peak of the
Jumeirah Emirates Towers can be seen. it was picturesque! as if the premier landmark was sitting beautifully on top of the clouds.

now sitting at my desk and sipping my cappuccino, i couldn’t help but feel like i’m in another place and time. staring at the window, there’s nothing at all to see except the thick, white fog staring back at me…and i am savoring this moment. the office is still almost empty as traffic’s really bad today, so i’m having some peace and quiet in my little corner and enjoying my company before the crazy day gets started.

if the weather remains this way, then i can’t wait for my holidays to begin next week. the bed weather has come, and i’ll be savoring it at home curled up in the sofa to watch series marathons with a warm cup of coffee. hmmm, nice!

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