Sunday, November 11, 2007

scratched the itch

although the Christmas holiday is not widely celebrated here in the UAE, the much awaited season of all’s spirit had finally hit me. i’ve started on my Christmas gifts list, and this list i blame for my urge to go shopping last weekend.

thanks to
Chalhoub Group's Year-end sale last Friday and Saturday at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, we managed to grab some really cool stuff at more than half their original prices. hubby got himself some shirts from Polo Ralph Lauren and a couple of pairs of casual shoes from Geox. and guess what i got? yes, another bag…my first Fendi. i got it on Sale and i don’t care. so long as it’s original and bears the nice little logo, i’m happy.

needing to break-in Yumi, hubby & i, along with our buddies B & K, went to the
Dubai Outlet Mall down the Highway 66. even if there are still a few stores that have not opened, i’d say the trip was worth it, especially since the stocks that most of the stores have are still ok, and the items are tagged reasonably (note: reasonably here means 50% off). we invaded The Grand Store and snatched a classic vertical shoulder bag and keychain from Lacoste. checked out from Mango if i could find some nice pieces there, but couldn’t get any in my size. and no shoes to fit me in Kenneth Cole either (bummer!). guess i’d just have to come back some other time.

now what have i got for gifts? hmmm, i really can’t share with you ‘coz it’s gonna ruin the surprise for the recipients. for all i know, they may be lurking at this blog for clues. i haven’t ticked much from my list yet, but i’m getting there. for our families in Manila, i’ve done the shopping ahead of time and in fact, the box is ready for pick up by the cargo company. i just hope the package arrives in time for Christmas.

so yep, i had the itch last weekend to shop…and yes, i scratched the itch. it depleted some of our reserves, but it doesn’t matter. hubby was with me, and i got his nod on every purchase made. besides, we totally had fun! it was one of the rare shopping sprees where Ryan was exceptionally participative. he didn’t mind all the walking, the queues, car parking difficulties and even the big crowd. it made “shopping” more of a husband and wife activity for us both, and it was a nice feeling. hitting the mall has never been better!

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