Sunday, November 25, 2007

ready for the battle

i’m officially off for the entire week. oops, not really. i forgot that i need to be at work on Wednesday for a meeting. then i’ll just take a day in lieu next week, which is wise to do since we’ll have two days off for the UAE National Day. woohoo, more holidays for me!!

so, what’s the plan? i’ve been thinking a lot last week on what i really NEEDED to do. just considering those on top of my head had already made me feel slightly in the brink of stress. but no, i’m not gonna easily give in to a panic attack. i’ve resolved to being a good home maker while on holiday. it wouldn’t hurt to play humorous and be OC at home ala Joanna of The Stepford Wives :) well, that is if i can stand the part. hah, we’ll see.

below are my list of things to do during my break, inclusive of weekends. i officially commenced brawling with the list last Friday, and hopefully by Monday next week, everything’s 100% done. let the 10-day typical housewife mêlée with chores begin:

1) do a general cleaning of the apartment. every nook and cranny must be spic and span. God help me.
2) reorganize the wardrobe closet. precious bags, where shall i put you? dilemma, dilemma.
3) empty the hamper. wash a week’s mountain of laundry.
4) sell the old washing machine so we could get a new one. either or Abu Shagara…hehe!
5) get some Christmas cards for family & friends. mail them by the 28th November tops.
6) wrap the Christmas presents & put them under the Christmas tree.
7) er, put up the Christmas tree :D
8) do some serious ironing (a month’s worth of clothes…haaaayyyy!!)
9) prepare dinner & baon for hubby every night.
10) schedule the AC’s maintenance.
11) change the busted myself :)
12) choose wedding pictures for posting. this is soooo long overdue and i’ve been given an ultimatum by honey na. hala.
13) print our favorite wedding & travel pictures then find a reliable framing company.
14) put together a nice Christmas menu. we’ll be having some close friends over so i need to do some research on new recipes. gotta claim back my zeal for cooking.
15) lastly, go to the salon for a little prettifying. well, this i already did last Friday in time for the DIFC Anniversary celebration. gotten a new hairstyle with a hot oil treatment on the side, plus pedicure & footspa & eyebrow threading. it took 2 hours of my time, but was worth the trouble. got home in the wee hours of the morning with my hubby telling me how gorgeous i looked. *BIG GRIN*

hun, i’m especially doing all of these for you so better get me a nice Christmas gift ha! LOL.

from time to time, i will be updating this post to highlight those to-do things that i’ve already completed. well, gotta head back to finishing those that are yet to be done. wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

panalo friend! may salon sa dulo! hehehhehehe :) yup yup pamper yourself after... dapat lang.
kakamiss mga foot spa sa megamall