Thursday, November 15, 2007

dreamy over McDreamy

People Magazine had just released their list of this year’s 100 sexiest men alive. who’s on top of that list? i don’t give a damn. all i care about is Patrick Dempsey, who came in number 2. popularly known these days as Dr. Derek Shepherd, or McDreamy in Seattle Grace Hospital, he’s beyond doubt a shoo in!

i’ve had this thrilling little crush on Patrick Dempsey since i saw him on Sweet Home Alabama opposite Reese Witherspoon. he portrayed a character who was difficult not to choose –good looks, good family background (well, except for his wacko Mom), and good taste (Tiffany’s, remember?) on top of his great personality. and now that he’s frequently seen on TV with the hit series Grey’s Anatomy, i couldn’t help but indulge by closely following the episodes.

oh those expressive eyes! they can really melt your heart away…

personally, i believe he should’ve landed on the top spot. but what can i do? he didn’t have George Clooney and Brad Pitt to campaign for him.

anyhoo, to find out more about People Magazine’s list, click

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