Tuesday, October 2, 2007

patience is a virtue

sometimes, people do silly things just to satisfy their cravings.

last weekend, Ryan & i decided to stay at home and do some major cleaning on our laptops. since we were so busy uploading/downloading and freeing our laptops from clutter, we didn't realize the time until we experienced hunger pangs. it was 5:00 pm then, so we decided to go for a little break.

we didn't want to bother ourselves in preparing our snack so we decided to dial Dominos for a hot, fresh off the oven thin crust pizza with our favorite cinna stix. after hanging up the phone, we went back to our work and agreed to take a break when the food has arrived. too engrossed with what we were doing, an hour had already gone by when we realized that the pizza delivery boy's not in our doorstep yet. i made another call to follow up, and was very patient enough to accept their apology, holding on to their word that the food will arrive in the next 15 minutes. we were really craving for the pizza and cinna stix so we agreed to wait a little more. it was almost
Iftar so it was an extremely busy time for them.

another hour had passed and still no pizza boy! i decided to ask hubby to call the nearby Food Basket to order shawarma while i dealt with Dominos on the other line. this time, i was already fuming mad because they made us wait not just once, but twice, and for a total of more than two hours already. the person who received my call received a major lash out from little me - i could hear his voice stuttering on the other end of the line. what i got was another apology, and a promise that they will deliver it in a matter of minutes. of course by then, i was no longer convinced that they would…i was on the verge of canceling the order but thought that maybe we should wait for a little longer – we’ve waited so long already so might as well keep waiting till we finally receive the food. and besides, the cravings haven’t subsided yet so our lips were still itching for the baked goodies.

however, by 8:45 pm, i was already bitching the person who picked up my call. good thing i did…it was the store manager. he was extremely apologetic, and was kind enough to offer the stuff we ordered for free. after almost losing hope that they’ll deliver our food, the pizza boy arrived at 9:15 pm. despite the immense delay, we were happy with our free doof that fulfilled our earlier cravings. we completely forgot about the waiting game, and thanked Dominos for their gesture.

yeah, i know it was silly of us to wait for 4 hours, but it was well worth it. pizza was yummy & the cinna stix were like nectar from the house of the gods! takaw! LOL!


gracita said...

they made you wait for four hours?!? i bet nakalimutan nilang i-deliver in the first place yung pizza niyo. was the pizza is still hot? because if it was, bagong gawa lang! ok lang that you waited that long, libre naman e :)

bakit dito sa abu dhabi, wala atang dominos? favorite pa naman namin ni papa harvs yun! i like the cheese bread and supreme thin crust pizza! :)

Gracie said...

uh huh, they made us wait that long! buti na lang yummy ang food nila...hehehe!

pizza was still hot when it arrived, so were the cinna stix. i think the one who took our order forgot to pass it over to the kitchen kaya nagka-delay. ang funny pa, they called us back in between the calls to tell us the delivery boy's on his way.

first taste ko ng dominos cinna stix was sa bahrain when i went there last year. ayun, na-addict na ko ever since :)

eMtee said...

4 fckukin hours??? goodness gracious! that's why i hate ordering here!

i'd rather drive thru or hit the restau and order take away rather wait till i get fuming mad waiting for my food! jeez..

but atleast..
getting it free, is not bad at all! ehhehe

Gracie said...

i know it sounds outrageous, but yeah, we were so silly to wait that long. we were glued to our seats with our laptop clean-up session kaya tinamad na lumabas...hehehe!

di bale, we still enjoyed AED 60 worth of free food...pwede na rin! LOL!

Anonymous said...

hala ka gracie! baka dinuraan na nila yung pizza nyo. i learned from a friend to never ever get mad at waiters or anybody that has something to do with the food i'm eating.


Gracie said...

that's disgusting...but i hope they didn't do it because we gave them naman a lot of chances, and it was really their fault. we were just craving for the doof kaya we patiently waited pa rin.

at the end of the day, winner pa rin kami...may apology na, may free dinner pa! :)