Sunday, October 28, 2007

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basically, my work entails me to be updated with the current events so that i’d be able to keep up with the conversations in meetings and networking with our clients. so far, the only way i’m able to do this is by reading the news rather than watching them because i honestly do not have time to sit in front of the telly (well, except when i have to see the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, House & Heroes during ironing nights…hehehe!). i am trying to make it a habit to pick up the front page and business section of the local broadsheet after doing my cardio workout in the morning, and i swear, the strain i feel with the articles i read is more intense compared to the strain i get from an hour in the treadmill, bike and transport!

whenever i see a piece of devastating news, i get emotionally shattered for a full minute or two. being in a Middle East country where there is a mix of all sorts of nationalities, you can expect a lot of write ups from the leading newspaper on news from all nations who have expats here. one can get reports, both good and bad, from the Far East Asia all the way to the West coast of the U.S. sadly, most of the articles are dreadful reports, especially from war-stricken countries with political unrest and rampant terrorism. i’d have to say that there are times when i just couldn’t help but heave a heavy sigh and mutter a faint sound of frustration under my breath. i often wonder why there are certain people who refuse to learn from history and instead decide to create their own, with harsher, damaging effects to everyone’s future. it appalls me that many leaders fail to do their jobs capably and transparently, when they are under oath to serve their countries and ensure that their people’s welfare is put into priority. i find it disturbing that despite the efforts of other benevolent beings that walk this earth, our world is still in chaos. i question the reasons of poverty’s existence, the injustices that prevail even in the so-called democratic countries, the in-humane treatment of people who lose their dignities without a battle, the pressures of creating a war, and many others. i could keep going on and on about all my questions and qualms about the way of life we have in this century, but it would take me a long time to finish off my list.

this morning, i had quietly resolved to myself that i will refuse to be affected by the news that i read. i will only peruse in a passive mode, grasp as much information as i can, take note of important milestones in the emerging markets, and continue believing that my industry will take charge of whatever risks that are going to be involved in the not-so-good happenings in our crazy world - including both man-made and natural catastrophes that may strike us when we least expect them. that is if i could successfully convince myself to stop caring, give up, and lose all hopes that someday, life will get better in general for everyone in this world. but i don’t see myself doing that. i know that i would still keep waking up every morning wondering what kind of news will greet me when i put my hands on the paper. i’d most probably still cling to my belief that the heavens will hear the pleas and prayers of the souls that still trust in the existence of the word “peace”…that in this era that we live in, order is still possible…that people will learn to respect one another and value life as much as we value our religion and our culture…that all of us will learn to co-exist and live together in harmony.

HAAAYYYYY!!! there goes another big sigh…. and the UPian side of me is let loose!

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