Monday, October 8, 2007

fantastic week ender

i’m such a huge fan of reunions and get-togethers. i enjoy organizing gimmicks, out of town trips, house parties or simple gatherings over coffee or dinner. it gives me an adrenaline rush whenever i am involved in the logistics…i get this amazing feeling when things fall into place, especially when the scheduled meeting goes as planned. and even if it doesn’t, the mere thought of being part of it brings me joy.

being a self-confessed OC, people have this notion of me that i am an extremely organized person. yes, i admit that i enjoy being too organized - it gives me a sense of control over things. and since i hate unpleasant surprises, i am the type of person who will always look before i leap and do my best to be armed at all costs. although that’s not always the case everyday, i try as much as i can to work my way around things, making sure that everything is in proper order. and even if there’s so much on my plate to finish, i take time to engage myself in other activities to keep my mind off the pressure from work. i guess that’s why i always land on the part of being the official “organizer” in a group, be it with my barkada, with my family or at work. with my former employer, i was involved in organizing the company outings and Christmas parties. for the DIFC Authority, i am the most involved when it comes to the DIFCA Filipino Community.


speaking of gatherings, last Thursday, i arranged a small party for our Pinoy Community: the Bed and Bath-themed bridal shower of Jen, and the farewell party of Claudette. Jen's getting married in a week’s time in Sydney, Australia with her Portuguese fiancĂ©. we opted to do her shower party a week before their flight. meanwhile, it was also Claudette's last day at work, and her bye-bye party was our token of appreciation for all the help she had extended to each one of us (she was from Human Capital's Employee Services so you can just imagine how much we bombarded her with our inquiries), and our way of wishing her luck as she moves to greater challenges. the celebration was done at Nikolai’s nook, and almost every Pinoy expat in the organization attended.

the evening turned out great! food was promptly delivered by Chin-Chin, the ever-reliable Chinese Food Take-Away/Delivery shop. and with Hazel's camcorder, we were able to capture the awkward moments of everyone on cam while belting out songs on the karaoke, as well as our well-wishes to both Jen & Claudette. a common gift and a bouquet of flowers were given to each of them from the entire gang. for Jen, we got her and Pedro GCs from the funky home furnishing store, The One, and for Claudette, a passport holder from Louis Vuitton (guess who's idea was that? ;-D ). apart from our wedding gift, Jen managed to take home lots of kinky gifts from us girls - ranging from undies to teddies to Chocolate Body Paint. it was a hilarious night as she modeled her nighties (with clothes on, of course!) and felt like like a spoilt kid with all her loot. we didn't get the chance to play some naughty games, but we sure had tons of fun singing Donna Summer songs altogether and painted the town red.

i must say the evening was a discovery of the many talents in our bunch. most could carry a tune, while the others were simply witty with their shared anecdotes and antics. it was definitely one of the best gatherings we had in months! not that i'm gloating (and patronizing myself, too) because i organized it, but i think it was quite successful merely because Pinoys in DIFCA know how to have fun. it was an awesome way to end a stressful week at work: clean fun over yummy food, a few glasses of booze and some karaoke to rock the night away...
what more could you ask for?


to Jen & Pedro - congratulations & best wishes! as written on our card:

"May your joys be as bright as the morning,
your years of happiness
as numerous as the stars in the heavens,
and your troubles but shadows
that fade in the sunlight of love."

for Claudette - many thanks for all the help and support you've given us. we wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. you're one helluva wonderful person whom we'll surely miss!

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