Thursday, October 11, 2007

the cutest documentary ever

i’ve been meaning to write about this documentary for weeks. but as usual, i got sidetracked, and completely forgot to finish writing about this film i’ve seen on DVD a few weeks ago. my life has been so full of happenings recently so it was a bit difficult for me to stay focused on one task while i juggle my time as a corporate slave by day and a full-time wife and home maker by night.

well, enough about my not-so-interesting life. let me get to the real story that i wanted to share with you. this is about an uber cool documentary of an ordinary guy from New Jersey named Brian Herzlinger, an aspiring movie maker who’s got this huge crush on Hollywood’s prettiest angel, Drew Barrymore, since 2nd Grade (that’s after watching E.T.) it all started when he won $1,100 on a game show, where ironically, the answer to the winning question was “Drew Barrymore”. he thought it must be fate, so he decided to pursue one date with her – not expecting anything romantic out of it.

a guy who’s jobless, broke, and only armed with $1,100 in his pocket, Brian chased this lifelong dream. with full determination and with the help of his trusted friends, they formed the ‘Drew Crew’ and embarked on a once in a lifetime 30-day journey. why 30 days you ask? Circuit City then had a 30-day return policy so that gave Brian an uninsured digital video camera he needed to make his docu film, which is his only ticket to get Drew’s attention - thanks of course to the dependable credit card of his buddy. the docu film, along with guts, will power, and prayer, will be sent to Drew using the force of the “6 degrees of separation”.

i thought it would be the usual boring documentary i’m used to, but it’s totally not! it was hilarious and rather entertaining. and it’s also an emotional film that captured the raw emotions of the people involved in completing it. the following are the highlights of the film that you should watch out for:

  • Brian coaxing the ex-assistant of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Kerry David, who ended up being the Producer of the film. when she finally jumped onto the car, passion just fuelled her and drove her to use all her connections just to make the project a success.
  • Brian trying to shape up in order to be physically appealing when he finally meets his all-time biggest crush (i swear, this guy is sooo motivated!!)
  • Brian convincing his Mom that what he’s doing is simply just fulfilling his two dreams: becoming a filmmaker and having a simple dinner with someone in the Hollywood industry who's so down-to-earth and normal as any other person in this world.
  • Brian showing off his membership to the Drew Barrymore club when he was in Gradeschool (aaawww…you’ve gotta see the pink envelope and the autographed picture!)
  • Brian going into a number of arguments with his ex-girlfriend who flew into a jealous rage at the thought of Brian trying to have a relationship with Drew Barrymore (sounds like someone’s still hung up on our lead star! LOL!)
  • Brian successfully gate crashing to the Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle party after its Premier and briefly meeting Drew for the first time. take note of this: he was accompanied by the wives of his friends. talk about full support and encouragement!
  • Brian returning the videocam to Circuit City (this scene may require you to hold on to your tissues)

actually, the comedy is packed with more highlights, but these were just my personal favorites. there’s one more, but it’s like giving away the full story so i’ll just keep it to myself for now.

two things i’ve learned from this film:

1.) never let go of your dreams. some people may brush you off and tell you it ain’t gonna happen sweetheart, but who the hell cares?? they’re your dreams and it’s your right to reach for them. do not settle for anything less if you know you can do something about fulfilling those aspirations that mean to you. the choice is always yours, and at the end of the day, you’re most likely to be the one who will feel the satisfaction upon achieving them. so do not stop not stop aiming for something. the day we stop growing is the day we stop dreaming.

2.) treasure your friends and have faith in them. those who are true to you will stick with you no matter what happens. true friends’ support could bring out the best in you because most of the time, your happiness and success mirror theirs. it’s always this way when what you have is solid and sincere.

i highly suggest you go watch this movie and be inspired. it's not only a funny movie, but it's also creatively done, which made them earn 4 awards in various film festivals. and before you share this with anybody, be sure to keep these words of Drew Barrymore in mind, "if you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul."

very well said.

p.s. thanks to sweet Cherry Dimples for sharing this flick with me!

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Ruy said...

Wow this seems like a really interesting movie. I've gotten some inspiration from it already just from reading your post. I'll definitely watch this.