Sunday, October 14, 2007

ahoy mates! the captain’s turned one

a few weeks ago, we attended the 1st birthday bash of Klyde Hendrix Joachim – Hazel’s adorable son. the party was themed “Pirates & Hidden Treasures” and the kiddo was in his cute costume, complete with a pirate hat and sword. although the beautifully decorated ballroom was huge, the place was filled with guests - young and old alike. apart from the usual guest tables, there were some colorful small tables and chairs, as well, a bouncy castle to entertain the little tykes, a face painting corner and a cotton candy machine which bought smiles and sugar to the guests’ lips.

there were only a handful of children who attended, but the party turned out to be fun as the hall was filled with adults who were kids at heart. the games prepared were amusing, and the crowd cheered when it was time for the not-so-young couples to play in one of the games. during dinner, a heart-warming slideshow presentation from Klyde's Dad & Mom was played, which left the viewers in awe.

sissy Hazel, a very hands-on working mom, prepared months in advance for this celebration, and twisted my arm to be the emcee for the party. it was my first time to host a kiddie shindig in a huge pack, and i must admit that despite feeling a bit nervous then, hosting it was such a delight. the program went smoothly – thanks to the ever organized Mommy of the birthday boy who painstakingly put everything together.

being a witness to the preparations that Hazel had done made me realize how much a parent can actually go for to make their child happy. it was like preparing for one’s own, but double the effort to make it extra special and memorable. i guess nothing beats the feeling of fulfilment for something done out of love, especially for your own child. i just hope someday, when it’s my turn to become a Mommy, my instincts will tell me what to do.

having said that, i congratulate Hazel for a job well done...and of course, a toast to the good looking, future heartthrob birthday boy!

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