Wednesday, October 31, 2007

8 random facts about myself

the rules:
1. list eight (8) random facts about yourself.
2. tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
3. let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

i was tagged by baby Shiela to complete this. tough to scour for answers, but this exercise is quite fun, i must say. well, here goes my not-so-extraordinary list…

1.) my mood gets nasty when i am hungry. and when i’m not fed within the first half hour of my hunger pangs, i get crazy headaches that could last till end of the day.

2.) i can be a bitch when the situation calls for me to be one. but when i know that i am at fault, it’s fairly easy for me to admit my mistake and say “sorry” sincerely.

3.) i am one of the boys. i do enjoy their company, and i personally think it’s way much easier dealing with them than with girls. boys are pretty easy to please, have hardly a few hang ups in life, and they don’t make a big fuss over small things. they’re straightforward and honest, too (well, to their friends at least! with pun intended…hahaha!). hey, i love my girl friends, and i’m not complaining! it’s just that there are times boys react and speak more reasonably, which make them a lot less complicated than their female counterparts. (peace sisters!)

4.) i am Sleepy in real life. i sooo hate being deprived of slumber! it is a silly daily habit of mine to count the number of hours i’ve slept before leaping out of the bed in the morning. freaky, huh! and since i am a sleepyhead by heart, i cannot commence work in the morning without a cup of coffee. i feel like my brain cells require a dose of caffeine to jumpstart them, so i always indulge on coffee first to wake them up and my nerves.

5.) i am a victim of retail therapy. i seldom experience the outbursts of stress from work, so i rarely fall for this. but when i do, i tend to splurge on my “comfort buys”. that’s why i try to save up for stuff that i really, really like, and then just buy them when immense work pressure hits me so my ruthless spending would sound well-deserved and justified. tacky tactic! LOL!

6.) i used to have the talent to draw. used to because i don’t draw anymore. i remember one summer in HS, i think that was before sophomore year, i spent all my afternoons just drawing – i copied people’s faces from their pictures, made sketches of my dream house, drew cars and trucks and cartoon characters, and other landscapes from my mind. lately, i realized i miss scribbling, but just couldn’t find the time to sit and sketch away.

7.) i have a low threshold for physical pain. i’m like a baby when i’m hurt or sick. on the contrary, i am emotionally strong and could withstand a few stabs in the heart. but with the other parts of my body, that’s a different story. (yeah, i know i’m pathetic!)

8.) it took me a loads of practices to come up with a unique signature. the first stroke of my official proof of identity is the infinity symbol. i finally decided to stick to a signature shaped like that of a ribbon (or others say butterfly) when i joined the workforce. 8 out of 10 instances i get a feedback that it’s indeed one of a kind. my mark’s pretty girly but quite difficult to forge, and i love it!

i’m tagging
emtee, lei, rem, majeigh, jacq, lucyl, suzzy and roxi. holler back with your answers girls! :)

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