Thursday, October 25, 2007

the 5 best nights of my life

while randomly bloghopping during lunch break, i saw a post from one of my friend’s blog which caught my fancy. it was an open tag post, and since i badly need a break from all the stress here at work, might as well type away with my five memorable nights and consider myself tagged.

1.) February 1995 (i can’t remember the exact date!) - it was one of the wackiest nights i had with my highschool friends. we giddily trooped to SM Mega Mall like a bunch of excited kiddos for the “Megabi Ng Lagim”. we had such a blast, and our pictures proved how much fun we had. i will always fondly remember that night!

2.) 22 June 1996 – my coming out party. my family, friends and closest relatives were there to wish me happiness as i officially reached the legal age. it was a night of tears and laughter, and the perfect time to rediscover myself and realize how much i am loved.

3.) 27th August 1997 – it was the date when Ryan & i took our friendship to the next level…a dreamy night where i made one of the most meaningful decisions in my life, and decided to finally open my heart to a new love that was worth all the wait.

4.) 5th January 2006 – our honeymoon night after our civil wedding ceremony a day earlier. we went to our most favorite place in the world, Tagaytay City and spent an afternoon just cruising through the tranquil roads leading to Batangas, with a pit stop at Bag of Beans, Caleruega and a hearty meal at Leslie’s before checking in to spend the night at the quaint
Discovery Country Suites. hubby & i had an awesome time there! we played a few rounds of Scrabble and watched our all-time favorite old, mushy movie, an “An Affair To Remember”. the turn-down treat from the hotel was just romantic…perfect for honeymooners on a chilly night in Tagaytay.

5.) 27th December 2006 – our church wedding reception. it was truly a memorable evening, one that i will never ever forget. people whom Ryan & i consider close to our hearts were there to shower us with their love and support, and that was what made the evening something that we will cherish forever. i loved the fact that the evening was filled with happy faces – we were surrounded then with our loved ones’ warmth, and it was a remarkable feeling!

i’m tagging my pretty blogger friends
fritzie, weng, jowe, drea & krista!

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flowerdrumsong said...

awwww... love seeing stories like these! ;) and how can I not respond when you address me as "pretty". ;) take care, sis! :)