Wednesday, October 31, 2007

8 random facts about myself

the rules:
1. list eight (8) random facts about yourself.
2. tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
3. let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

i was tagged by baby Shiela to complete this. tough to scour for answers, but this exercise is quite fun, i must say. well, here goes my not-so-extraordinary list…

1.) my mood gets nasty when i am hungry. and when i’m not fed within the first half hour of my hunger pangs, i get crazy headaches that could last till end of the day.

2.) i can be a bitch when the situation calls for me to be one. but when i know that i am at fault, it’s fairly easy for me to admit my mistake and say “sorry” sincerely.

3.) i am one of the boys. i do enjoy their company, and i personally think it’s way much easier dealing with them than with girls. boys are pretty easy to please, have hardly a few hang ups in life, and they don’t make a big fuss over small things. they’re straightforward and honest, too (well, to their friends at least! with pun intended…hahaha!). hey, i love my girl friends, and i’m not complaining! it’s just that there are times boys react and speak more reasonably, which make them a lot less complicated than their female counterparts. (peace sisters!)

4.) i am Sleepy in real life. i sooo hate being deprived of slumber! it is a silly daily habit of mine to count the number of hours i’ve slept before leaping out of the bed in the morning. freaky, huh! and since i am a sleepyhead by heart, i cannot commence work in the morning without a cup of coffee. i feel like my brain cells require a dose of caffeine to jumpstart them, so i always indulge on coffee first to wake them up and my nerves.

5.) i am a victim of retail therapy. i seldom experience the outbursts of stress from work, so i rarely fall for this. but when i do, i tend to splurge on my “comfort buys”. that’s why i try to save up for stuff that i really, really like, and then just buy them when immense work pressure hits me so my ruthless spending would sound well-deserved and justified. tacky tactic! LOL!

6.) i used to have the talent to draw. used to because i don’t draw anymore. i remember one summer in HS, i think that was before sophomore year, i spent all my afternoons just drawing – i copied people’s faces from their pictures, made sketches of my dream house, drew cars and trucks and cartoon characters, and other landscapes from my mind. lately, i realized i miss scribbling, but just couldn’t find the time to sit and sketch away.

7.) i have a low threshold for physical pain. i’m like a baby when i’m hurt or sick. on the contrary, i am emotionally strong and could withstand a few stabs in the heart. but with the other parts of my body, that’s a different story. (yeah, i know i’m pathetic!)

8.) it took me a loads of practices to come up with a unique signature. the first stroke of my official proof of identity is the infinity symbol. i finally decided to stick to a signature shaped like that of a ribbon (or others say butterfly) when i joined the workforce. 8 out of 10 instances i get a feedback that it’s indeed one of a kind. my mark’s pretty girly but quite difficult to forge, and i love it!

i’m tagging
emtee, lei, rem, majeigh, jacq, lucyl, suzzy and roxi. holler back with your answers girls! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

bye tiger...hello leopard

two days after its official launch, we finally got hold of the new MAC OS X. we got our new MAC Amanda the newest MAC addition to the growing Apple family.

all i can say is that it’s so cool! you have to see the guided tour to appreciate it. for a quick exploration, click

me gotta start tinkering on our little piece of machine this weekend. have to check out the hundreds of new features OS X has. i heard the Time Machine is really awesome, and for someone who’s so OC about back-ups, this is THE ultimate OS for you. fancy, ain’t it?

geez, i’m really excited!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

newsprint daily top stories

basically, my work entails me to be updated with the current events so that i’d be able to keep up with the conversations in meetings and networking with our clients. so far, the only way i’m able to do this is by reading the news rather than watching them because i honestly do not have time to sit in front of the telly (well, except when i have to see the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, House & Heroes during ironing nights…hehehe!). i am trying to make it a habit to pick up the front page and business section of the local broadsheet after doing my cardio workout in the morning, and i swear, the strain i feel with the articles i read is more intense compared to the strain i get from an hour in the treadmill, bike and transport!

whenever i see a piece of devastating news, i get emotionally shattered for a full minute or two. being in a Middle East country where there is a mix of all sorts of nationalities, you can expect a lot of write ups from the leading newspaper on news from all nations who have expats here. one can get reports, both good and bad, from the Far East Asia all the way to the West coast of the U.S. sadly, most of the articles are dreadful reports, especially from war-stricken countries with political unrest and rampant terrorism. i’d have to say that there are times when i just couldn’t help but heave a heavy sigh and mutter a faint sound of frustration under my breath. i often wonder why there are certain people who refuse to learn from history and instead decide to create their own, with harsher, damaging effects to everyone’s future. it appalls me that many leaders fail to do their jobs capably and transparently, when they are under oath to serve their countries and ensure that their people’s welfare is put into priority. i find it disturbing that despite the efforts of other benevolent beings that walk this earth, our world is still in chaos. i question the reasons of poverty’s existence, the injustices that prevail even in the so-called democratic countries, the in-humane treatment of people who lose their dignities without a battle, the pressures of creating a war, and many others. i could keep going on and on about all my questions and qualms about the way of life we have in this century, but it would take me a long time to finish off my list.

this morning, i had quietly resolved to myself that i will refuse to be affected by the news that i read. i will only peruse in a passive mode, grasp as much information as i can, take note of important milestones in the emerging markets, and continue believing that my industry will take charge of whatever risks that are going to be involved in the not-so-good happenings in our crazy world - including both man-made and natural catastrophes that may strike us when we least expect them. that is if i could successfully convince myself to stop caring, give up, and lose all hopes that someday, life will get better in general for everyone in this world. but i don’t see myself doing that. i know that i would still keep waking up every morning wondering what kind of news will greet me when i put my hands on the paper. i’d most probably still cling to my belief that the heavens will hear the pleas and prayers of the souls that still trust in the existence of the word “peace”…that in this era that we live in, order is still possible…that people will learn to respect one another and value life as much as we value our religion and our culture…that all of us will learn to co-exist and live together in harmony.

HAAAYYYYY!!! there goes another big sigh…. and the UPian side of me is let loose!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

the 5 best nights of my life

while randomly bloghopping during lunch break, i saw a post from one of my friend’s blog which caught my fancy. it was an open tag post, and since i badly need a break from all the stress here at work, might as well type away with my five memorable nights and consider myself tagged.

1.) February 1995 (i can’t remember the exact date!) - it was one of the wackiest nights i had with my highschool friends. we giddily trooped to SM Mega Mall like a bunch of excited kiddos for the “Megabi Ng Lagim”. we had such a blast, and our pictures proved how much fun we had. i will always fondly remember that night!

2.) 22 June 1996 – my coming out party. my family, friends and closest relatives were there to wish me happiness as i officially reached the legal age. it was a night of tears and laughter, and the perfect time to rediscover myself and realize how much i am loved.

3.) 27th August 1997 – it was the date when Ryan & i took our friendship to the next level…a dreamy night where i made one of the most meaningful decisions in my life, and decided to finally open my heart to a new love that was worth all the wait.

4.) 5th January 2006 – our honeymoon night after our civil wedding ceremony a day earlier. we went to our most favorite place in the world, Tagaytay City and spent an afternoon just cruising through the tranquil roads leading to Batangas, with a pit stop at Bag of Beans, Caleruega and a hearty meal at Leslie’s before checking in to spend the night at the quaint
Discovery Country Suites. hubby & i had an awesome time there! we played a few rounds of Scrabble and watched our all-time favorite old, mushy movie, an “An Affair To Remember”. the turn-down treat from the hotel was just romantic…perfect for honeymooners on a chilly night in Tagaytay.

5.) 27th December 2006 – our church wedding reception. it was truly a memorable evening, one that i will never ever forget. people whom Ryan & i consider close to our hearts were there to shower us with their love and support, and that was what made the evening something that we will cherish forever. i loved the fact that the evening was filled with happy faces – we were surrounded then with our loved ones’ warmth, and it was a remarkable feeling!

i’m tagging my pretty blogger friends
fritzie, weng, jowe, drea & krista!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

starting over

two weeks ago, my cousin Arnie happily turned another year older and invited a few people to join him celebrate his natal day. known for being quite a spontaneous person, he often arranges last-minute gatherings, and this occasion was clearly not his first attempt at stressing people with his late notice.

he phoned me hours before the unplanned party to invite me and hubby, and to make one request - he wanted a specific gift, and he wanted me to say yes to it. it would’ve been a lot easier had the gift been something inanimate, but what he had asked was one of the most unexpected things i’d hear him say…he had asked me to patch up with my estranged buddy C during his party.

as soon as the line went dead, my palms started to sweat and my mind raced in lightning speed with dozens of questions and thoughts. i literally didn’t know what to say or do since it’ll be the first time in 2 years that i’d be meeting her face-to-face. the thought of that long period of time sans contact kept playing on and on in my mind. but my pride got the better of me so i decided not to plan anything since i still didn’t wanna make the first move. i left everything in fate’s hands and trooped to my cousin’s flat with a tinge of trepidation, and at the same time utter curiosity as to how the evening will progress.

on my way to the party, memories of how my friendship with C fell apart began to subconsciously flash in my mind. what happened 2 years ago was like a nightmare that i’ve always wished i’d never have to recall. we had a solid 10 years of friendship before our relationship faltered...and just because we had bottled up feelings and frustrations over each other in the past, we allowed our friendship to go down the drain in just a snap of a finger, without the slightest thought of talking things through.

i lucidly remember how we were inseparable during college and how we kept the closeness rolling even after graduation. in all the years that we were in the best of terms, we patiently listened to one another’s worries & fears, mutually provided support in every career move we made, witnessed every heart break we faced, engrossed ourselves with meaningful conversations over coffee, and even excitedly giggled together like little kids as we boarded the plane bound to Dubai. yes, we were there for each other during those times, and weird as it may seem, the very moment i stepped inside the building where the party was being held, i unashamedly admitted to myself that i did miss her and her company.

she was the first person i saw when i entered the hall, but i acted as if i didn’t see her and headed straight to where my hubby and friends were. i could sense that everyone in the room was feeling tensed, and i could almost hear what their minds were thinking. it was one of the most awkward situations i’ve been into, and it sucked!

time ticked away while both of us pretended that tension wasn't building up inside the room. bessie Beth, bless her, took matters into her own hands and initiated the talk. she took my hand and led me to the fire escape where C and i used to have our daily talks. it was the very place where we laughed and cried and vented out all our rants and shared unabashedly how scared we were of the uncertain future when we first came here to Dubai.

as soon as the door was shut, i bravely confronted her with an encouraging look on my face. following my instincts to do the right thing, i gave her a warm, welcoming hug. i was tongue-tied when she apologized, and all i could say then was that i was sincerely glad the saga was finally over. my long lost friend was there, right in front of me, and you can just imagine what kind of relief it was when we stood there smiling as if nothing happened. for me, it was the perfect way to rekindle our friendship. in no less than an hour, we were chatting away like the way we used to, and shared the regret of missing out on a lot of things in the last couple of years that we weren't on speaking terms.

looking back, i realized how much time we’ve wasted when we stupidly allowed our selfishness to tear us apart. but i’ve always believed that things happen for a reason. we've grown and matured while we were apart, and realized the kind of mistakes we've done to hurt each other. yes, we got bumped and bruised, but thankfully we weren’t damaged enough not to believe in starting over and having faith that our friendship can still be restored.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ahoy mates! the captain’s turned one

a few weeks ago, we attended the 1st birthday bash of Klyde Hendrix Joachim – Hazel’s adorable son. the party was themed “Pirates & Hidden Treasures” and the kiddo was in his cute costume, complete with a pirate hat and sword. although the beautifully decorated ballroom was huge, the place was filled with guests - young and old alike. apart from the usual guest tables, there were some colorful small tables and chairs, as well, a bouncy castle to entertain the little tykes, a face painting corner and a cotton candy machine which bought smiles and sugar to the guests’ lips.

there were only a handful of children who attended, but the party turned out to be fun as the hall was filled with adults who were kids at heart. the games prepared were amusing, and the crowd cheered when it was time for the not-so-young couples to play in one of the games. during dinner, a heart-warming slideshow presentation from Klyde's Dad & Mom was played, which left the viewers in awe.

sissy Hazel, a very hands-on working mom, prepared months in advance for this celebration, and twisted my arm to be the emcee for the party. it was my first time to host a kiddie shindig in a huge pack, and i must admit that despite feeling a bit nervous then, hosting it was such a delight. the program went smoothly – thanks to the ever organized Mommy of the birthday boy who painstakingly put everything together.

being a witness to the preparations that Hazel had done made me realize how much a parent can actually go for to make their child happy. it was like preparing for one’s own, but double the effort to make it extra special and memorable. i guess nothing beats the feeling of fulfilment for something done out of love, especially for your own child. i just hope someday, when it’s my turn to become a Mommy, my instincts will tell me what to do.

having said that, i congratulate Hazel for a job well done...and of course, a toast to the good looking, future heartthrob birthday boy!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

the cutest documentary ever

i’ve been meaning to write about this documentary for weeks. but as usual, i got sidetracked, and completely forgot to finish writing about this film i’ve seen on DVD a few weeks ago. my life has been so full of happenings recently so it was a bit difficult for me to stay focused on one task while i juggle my time as a corporate slave by day and a full-time wife and home maker by night.

well, enough about my not-so-interesting life. let me get to the real story that i wanted to share with you. this is about an uber cool documentary of an ordinary guy from New Jersey named Brian Herzlinger, an aspiring movie maker who’s got this huge crush on Hollywood’s prettiest angel, Drew Barrymore, since 2nd Grade (that’s after watching E.T.) it all started when he won $1,100 on a game show, where ironically, the answer to the winning question was “Drew Barrymore”. he thought it must be fate, so he decided to pursue one date with her – not expecting anything romantic out of it.

a guy who’s jobless, broke, and only armed with $1,100 in his pocket, Brian chased this lifelong dream. with full determination and with the help of his trusted friends, they formed the ‘Drew Crew’ and embarked on a once in a lifetime 30-day journey. why 30 days you ask? Circuit City then had a 30-day return policy so that gave Brian an uninsured digital video camera he needed to make his docu film, which is his only ticket to get Drew’s attention - thanks of course to the dependable credit card of his buddy. the docu film, along with guts, will power, and prayer, will be sent to Drew using the force of the “6 degrees of separation”.

i thought it would be the usual boring documentary i’m used to, but it’s totally not! it was hilarious and rather entertaining. and it’s also an emotional film that captured the raw emotions of the people involved in completing it. the following are the highlights of the film that you should watch out for:

  • Brian coaxing the ex-assistant of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Kerry David, who ended up being the Producer of the film. when she finally jumped onto the car, passion just fuelled her and drove her to use all her connections just to make the project a success.
  • Brian trying to shape up in order to be physically appealing when he finally meets his all-time biggest crush (i swear, this guy is sooo motivated!!)
  • Brian convincing his Mom that what he’s doing is simply just fulfilling his two dreams: becoming a filmmaker and having a simple dinner with someone in the Hollywood industry who's so down-to-earth and normal as any other person in this world.
  • Brian showing off his membership to the Drew Barrymore club when he was in Gradeschool (aaawww…you’ve gotta see the pink envelope and the autographed picture!)
  • Brian going into a number of arguments with his ex-girlfriend who flew into a jealous rage at the thought of Brian trying to have a relationship with Drew Barrymore (sounds like someone’s still hung up on our lead star! LOL!)
  • Brian successfully gate crashing to the Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle party after its Premier and briefly meeting Drew for the first time. take note of this: he was accompanied by the wives of his friends. talk about full support and encouragement!
  • Brian returning the videocam to Circuit City (this scene may require you to hold on to your tissues)

actually, the comedy is packed with more highlights, but these were just my personal favorites. there’s one more, but it’s like giving away the full story so i’ll just keep it to myself for now.

two things i’ve learned from this film:

1.) never let go of your dreams. some people may brush you off and tell you it ain’t gonna happen sweetheart, but who the hell cares?? they’re your dreams and it’s your right to reach for them. do not settle for anything less if you know you can do something about fulfilling those aspirations that mean to you. the choice is always yours, and at the end of the day, you’re most likely to be the one who will feel the satisfaction upon achieving them. so do not stop not stop aiming for something. the day we stop growing is the day we stop dreaming.

2.) treasure your friends and have faith in them. those who are true to you will stick with you no matter what happens. true friends’ support could bring out the best in you because most of the time, your happiness and success mirror theirs. it’s always this way when what you have is solid and sincere.

i highly suggest you go watch this movie and be inspired. it's not only a funny movie, but it's also creatively done, which made them earn 4 awards in various film festivals. and before you share this with anybody, be sure to keep these words of Drew Barrymore in mind, "if you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul."

very well said.

p.s. thanks to sweet Cherry Dimples for sharing this flick with me!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

parking prob

early this morning, two idiots double-parked and blocked our car. it’s so annoying that we had to struggle to get out and fit Sphinx between a small car and a pick up at 6:00 am. as in the space was like only 5 inches on each side, not counting the side mirrors! it only proves our premise right that this country badly needs some good training on ethics and courtesy.

grrrr…what a way to start our day!

Monday, October 8, 2007

fantastic week ender

i’m such a huge fan of reunions and get-togethers. i enjoy organizing gimmicks, out of town trips, house parties or simple gatherings over coffee or dinner. it gives me an adrenaline rush whenever i am involved in the logistics…i get this amazing feeling when things fall into place, especially when the scheduled meeting goes as planned. and even if it doesn’t, the mere thought of being part of it brings me joy.

being a self-confessed OC, people have this notion of me that i am an extremely organized person. yes, i admit that i enjoy being too organized - it gives me a sense of control over things. and since i hate unpleasant surprises, i am the type of person who will always look before i leap and do my best to be armed at all costs. although that’s not always the case everyday, i try as much as i can to work my way around things, making sure that everything is in proper order. and even if there’s so much on my plate to finish, i take time to engage myself in other activities to keep my mind off the pressure from work. i guess that’s why i always land on the part of being the official “organizer” in a group, be it with my barkada, with my family or at work. with my former employer, i was involved in organizing the company outings and Christmas parties. for the DIFC Authority, i am the most involved when it comes to the DIFCA Filipino Community.


speaking of gatherings, last Thursday, i arranged a small party for our Pinoy Community: the Bed and Bath-themed bridal shower of Jen, and the farewell party of Claudette. Jen's getting married in a week’s time in Sydney, Australia with her Portuguese fiancĂ©. we opted to do her shower party a week before their flight. meanwhile, it was also Claudette's last day at work, and her bye-bye party was our token of appreciation for all the help she had extended to each one of us (she was from Human Capital's Employee Services so you can just imagine how much we bombarded her with our inquiries), and our way of wishing her luck as she moves to greater challenges. the celebration was done at Nikolai’s nook, and almost every Pinoy expat in the organization attended.

the evening turned out great! food was promptly delivered by Chin-Chin, the ever-reliable Chinese Food Take-Away/Delivery shop. and with Hazel's camcorder, we were able to capture the awkward moments of everyone on cam while belting out songs on the karaoke, as well as our well-wishes to both Jen & Claudette. a common gift and a bouquet of flowers were given to each of them from the entire gang. for Jen, we got her and Pedro GCs from the funky home furnishing store, The One, and for Claudette, a passport holder from Louis Vuitton (guess who's idea was that? ;-D ). apart from our wedding gift, Jen managed to take home lots of kinky gifts from us girls - ranging from undies to teddies to Chocolate Body Paint. it was a hilarious night as she modeled her nighties (with clothes on, of course!) and felt like like a spoilt kid with all her loot. we didn't get the chance to play some naughty games, but we sure had tons of fun singing Donna Summer songs altogether and painted the town red.

i must say the evening was a discovery of the many talents in our bunch. most could carry a tune, while the others were simply witty with their shared anecdotes and antics. it was definitely one of the best gatherings we had in months! not that i'm gloating (and patronizing myself, too) because i organized it, but i think it was quite successful merely because Pinoys in DIFCA know how to have fun. it was an awesome way to end a stressful week at work: clean fun over yummy food, a few glasses of booze and some karaoke to rock the night away...
what more could you ask for?


to Jen & Pedro - congratulations & best wishes! as written on our card:

"May your joys be as bright as the morning,
your years of happiness
as numerous as the stars in the heavens,
and your troubles but shadows
that fade in the sunlight of love."

for Claudette - many thanks for all the help and support you've given us. we wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. you're one helluva wonderful person whom we'll surely miss!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

patience is a virtue

sometimes, people do silly things just to satisfy their cravings.

last weekend, Ryan & i decided to stay at home and do some major cleaning on our laptops. since we were so busy uploading/downloading and freeing our laptops from clutter, we didn't realize the time until we experienced hunger pangs. it was 5:00 pm then, so we decided to go for a little break.

we didn't want to bother ourselves in preparing our snack so we decided to dial Dominos for a hot, fresh off the oven thin crust pizza with our favorite cinna stix. after hanging up the phone, we went back to our work and agreed to take a break when the food has arrived. too engrossed with what we were doing, an hour had already gone by when we realized that the pizza delivery boy's not in our doorstep yet. i made another call to follow up, and was very patient enough to accept their apology, holding on to their word that the food will arrive in the next 15 minutes. we were really craving for the pizza and cinna stix so we agreed to wait a little more. it was almost
Iftar so it was an extremely busy time for them.

another hour had passed and still no pizza boy! i decided to ask hubby to call the nearby Food Basket to order shawarma while i dealt with Dominos on the other line. this time, i was already fuming mad because they made us wait not just once, but twice, and for a total of more than two hours already. the person who received my call received a major lash out from little me - i could hear his voice stuttering on the other end of the line. what i got was another apology, and a promise that they will deliver it in a matter of minutes. of course by then, i was no longer convinced that they would…i was on the verge of canceling the order but thought that maybe we should wait for a little longer – we’ve waited so long already so might as well keep waiting till we finally receive the food. and besides, the cravings haven’t subsided yet so our lips were still itching for the baked goodies.

however, by 8:45 pm, i was already bitching the person who picked up my call. good thing i did…it was the store manager. he was extremely apologetic, and was kind enough to offer the stuff we ordered for free. after almost losing hope that they’ll deliver our food, the pizza boy arrived at 9:15 pm. despite the immense delay, we were happy with our free doof that fulfilled our earlier cravings. we completely forgot about the waiting game, and thanked Dominos for their gesture.

yeah, i know it was silly of us to wait for 4 hours, but it was well worth it. pizza was yummy & the cinna stix were like nectar from the house of the gods! takaw! LOL!