Tuesday, September 4, 2007

sickly me :(

i’m flying off this weekend to another business trip, but my body is just in a completely bad shape. i feel terrible for falling ill because the upcoming trip is a much-awaited one, albeit short. Ryan will be joining me for the first time, and it’s gonna be in the international capital for the world of luxury: Monaco.

just last week, after celebrating our anniversary, i came home with a horrible toothache. through my friend at work Hazel’s referral, we managed to schedule a trip to the dentist last Saturday for check-up and cleaning. ironically, when i was sitting at the dental chair with my teeth being examined, the pain disappeared. maybe my painful tooth got intimidated by the presence of the dentist! however, the ever-kulit me did not easily fall for my tooth’s drama, so i persisted with the dentist to re-check. and when the dentist gave a sudden nudge to the supposedly painful area, that’s when the sting started to come back. after another x-ray, the dentist gave my tooth the verdict – it’s due for RCT. i was alarmed and i immediately transformed into my panic mode! RCT?? but i have a business trip in a few days and i can’t afford to have the treatment before flying, knowing that my tooth’s filling is just temporary. what if the pain reoccurs while i’m thousands of miles away?? yikes!

thankfully, the dentist agreed to do the RCT upon my return, provided that i will be under medication for the throbbing and swelling. but silly me, because i wasn’t feeling much pain then, i went home without the prescription. now that was definitely a bad idea! in the evening, the ache began coming back again. at 3:10 am on Sunday, i woke up writhing in pain. and because i really, really needed to be at work that day, i still showed up with my swollen tooth and a lump on my left cheek. at noontime, i frantically called my dentist who prescribed me with antibiotics to fight off the infection. and the medicines did work because the pain had gone away since. but RCT is still on on the 13th September to make the pain go away permanently.

now that the toothache has subsided, here comes the dreaded sore throat paired with headache from my clogged sinuses. i think i’m catching a flu! it’s pretty much common these days with the changing of the weather so i’m part of a large percentage of the population, or at least here in the office. it sucks though because my nose now resembles that of Rudolph’s, and my dry cough resonates like the barking of a dog. and what’s worse, people are wary of me because of the virus i carry. huhuhu…alienated me!

with just a few more days left before i board the plane, i am taking extra vitamin C’s, conscientiously taking my medications on time, and gulping more liquids than ever. and no coffee in the meantime…just Twining’s Peppermint tea with a squirt of lemon for a soothing feel. i fervently hope in no time i’ll feel better. i’d hate to sit on a plane for 8 hours with this condition, and attend our cocktail reception in Monte Carlo looking like ghastly. of course, i also don’t want hubby to tag along on this trip and end up baby sitting a sick wife like me. *sigh!*

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