Sunday, September 16, 2007

our new toy

last year, hubby and i bought our first camera – a Canon S3IS - during the Gitex promotional period. it was a well-thought of investment as the money we used to purchase the camera was from the “advance” monetary gifts we received for our wedding from my colleagues. it’s not a DSLR type, but good enough to capture beautiful photographs compared to other point and shoot cameras in the market.

eventually, i realized, what good does a spiffy camera do without a competent laptop to keep and tweak the digital photos saved from all the occasions and trips we had over the year? as soon as my new post was made official a month ago, we, err, i decided to splurge a bit and bought a much coveted
Mac Book Pro 15" as a treat to myself (goodness, splurge a bit?!! it’s a $2,500 laptop - come on, who am i kidding?) but Virgin Megastore had a very tempting offer which i couldn’t resist, so what the heck!!!

anyway, this dazzling thingamajig, which i named “Amanda” (as in Amanda Bynes of Nickelodeon & She’s The Man), is worth every penny spent. with my big bro’s influence, little by little i fell in love with the piece. and hubby couldn’t be more happier. we’ve never seen any machine like it before. it’s Aperture program is just astounding...editing pictures has never been so easy! in a snap of a finger, a lousy, overexposed pic can appear so perfect right in front of your eyes.

of course, this beauty is not only gonna be used as a photo dump. it will also be our notebook where we will store everything important to us and relevant to our journey as husband and wife. besides, our home badly needs a “his” and “hers” communication station, and having such will help make our home a lot less strained from the squabbling over one PC….LOL!

i just hope i'll have time to learn how to run this baby like a pro! :)

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ang taray gracie ha!