Saturday, September 29, 2007

busy bee during Ramadan

since our return from our recent trip, reality made quite a solid thump on me. i've become extremely preoccupied with work as soon as i set foot in the office.

i was back to work the day before the onset of the holy month of Ramadan. most of my team mates were away - either on business trip or on a much-awaited holiday. i was literally manning the fort with all of my might, and juggling all the work like a mad scientist. although work was cut off from 8am-5pm to 9am-3pm, it only made me feel a lot more stressed. i know i'm supposed to be rejoicing about the change of timings, but it totally made things difficult for me. now that work time has been reduced, it became pretty much difficult to squeeze everything i needed to do in 6 hours. i always end up extending for another hour, not to mention popping in earlier than usual just so i can prep myself for the day's proceedings. and lastly, summer had just ended so most clients are now back in their offices from their holidays. gee, they're all on our backs after almost 3 months of being abyss!

to add to my busy state, i literally dash for coffee every 2 hours in our little pantry, which is most of the time filled with staff wanting to take quick gulps of water or ingest caffeine in their bodies as quickly as they can. and there is no lunch break either, so that makes my hunger less of a priority. imagine li'l me with my hurried pace sneaking in to get something to waken my nerves and fulfill my urge to have something on my lips, thereafer hide like a child avoiding to be caught with my hand in the cookie jar. well, this is Ramadan for you folks - no food, no liquids (not even water!) or anything edible that you can intake in front of your Muslim brothers and sisters as a sign of respect as they are fasting.

the only thing i am happy about is that i get to come home earlier than usual because traffic is much lighter after 4pm. i get to see more of my hubby and we find time to nap together before having dinner. talk about the perfect way to relax after a long day.

but then, the same busy workday happens the following day all over again :( well, thank God for weekends, otherwise, i'd totally go insane!!


gracita said...

sa office naman, since i think there are only 3 muslims in our floor, we drink and eat our fruits any time we want. the only time we hide in the conference room is when our lunch is delivered. non-muslims are the majority so i guess they have to adapt to us. i love ramadan timings! i wake up late and i go home early! :) bad ko nga e, late na ko, nagla-lunch parin ako pero 3pm on the dot, uuwi na ako! hahaha! :)

bonita said...

hello gracie. it's nice of you guys to show consideration to your Muslim colleagues. i grew up in Zamboanga so i had a lot of Muslim classmates and friends - but i guess it never really crossed our minds not to eat/drink in front of them during Ramadan.

Gracie said...

gracita - it's unbearable at times, honestly. however, haven't got much choice...nag-circulate na kasi ng notice ang human capital namin. gosh, miss ko na ang fruit basket namin dito & Monday breakfast...huhuhu!

Gracie said...

bonita - it is difficult pa rin to adjust for me, although 3rd Ramadan ko na dito. it feels weird kasi we're an "international financial centre" kuno, but we are still following the culture and practices of the locals here. i don't mind that much though 'coz there are others who respect naman our easter Sunday and Christmas, so it's not just a one-way street kind of thing. anyhoo, it's nice to know another chabacana...i have friends from the clan of Jaldon :)