Wednesday, August 15, 2007

useful, trendy girl guide

Camilla Morton's “How to Walk in High Heels – A Girl’s Guide to Everything” is such a fascinating book. a must-have for every woman who values the art of knowing how to do things appropriately, but fashionably at the same time.

being the blonde girl with the big blue eyes, Camilla is definitely not to be stereotyped as the typical dumb blonde. an English woman by heart and soul, she is not only known as a fashionista, but a woman with substance and great sense of humor by the fashion industry. the book itself is as witty as it could get – a fabulous, user-friendly instruction manual that could pass as “How To Be A Real Lady For Dummies” book that females could actually refer to and learn from.

not to mention that the foreword came from no less than John Galliano (Christian Dior), the book was compellingly supported by no less than the godfather of stiletto heels: Manolo Blahnik. the part where shoes were discussed was delightfully useful, especially for someone like me who loves wearing heels, but values comfort and sturdiness above all.

the book touched upon all topics a woman can ever imagine – handbags, attire, attitude, gadgets and gizmos, cooking, dancing, playing chess and poker…the works! made me realize how complicated a woman’s life could be with the many things she must to learn to keep up with the modern times. but still, it felt great to know with this book that women can also do things men can do – and wearing heels!

i’m not surprised this book was such a bestseller. now i can’t wait to have a copy of Camilla’s next book, “A Girl for All Seasons – The Year in High Heels” when they hit the bookstore shelves.


bonita said...

hello gracie! =) just dropping by! i have a copy of this book too! :) it's quite useful - sayang, sana i had this book during my awkward years :D it would have prevented a lot of booboos! :D take care!

Gracie said...

thanks for dropping by bonita! i totally agree with you...i thought of the same thing when i read the book...:)