Sunday, August 19, 2007

taking a short breather

my dear husband warned me a couple of weeks ago that i am so stressing myself on a lot of things that should slow down a bit more, otherwise, i'd kill myself for being such an OC person! my friend at work Nikolai made the same remark about me having an OCD for being too organized and much of a worry-wart about mundane things. he says i tend to forget to take things easy.

after much thought, i decided to take a week off from work. yup, just a local leave. will probably spend some time at home, and might check-in on one of the nice hotels in the area for a much-deserved pause from the hustle and bustle of worklife. initially, hubby & i wanted to explore Rome or Malaysia for our summer vacation, but because of my immediate need to apply for a Shengen visa to France for a business trip, we had to scrap off the entire plan and just settle for a simple holiday around town. it's gonna be next week and i couldn't wait!

just the thought of knowing that most people will be at work then, while i'm officially vacationing sounds exciting to me. i'll get to enjoy the malls to myself (hahaha! :D) and grocery shop without fuss from families squeezing in the aisles from all directions. and stay up late and sleep till almost noon. wow! i'm still trying to think of other things to do that entire week. but here's a list of things i wanna accomplish, and i'm hell bent on completing at least 80% of it:

  • go to a spa (the hotel booking i've made in Bab Al Shams Desert Resort comes with a free spa for an hour for me & my hubby...yipee!)
  • have a decent manicure/pedicure at my trusted salon
  • have my tresses trimmed for split ends
  • shop for dresses i need for my upcoming business trip
  • catch a movie…hmmm, i wonder what’s showing next week?
  • learn how to bake…well, oatmeal cookies at least (ahm, honey, can you help me here?)
  • finish choosing wedding pictures for the wedding album (yikes, this is soooo long overdue!!...lagot!)
  • redecorate our bedroom
  • play Monopoly and Scrabble with hubby

there’s obviously not much outdoor activities to do since it’s still 35 degrees outside, and it could go up to 40 degrees even at noon time. so you could imagine me spending most of my time indoors during this break, unless i get loony with boredom and opt to punish myself slowly with the UV rays of the blazing sun.

but really, i can’t wait. i’ve begun counting down the days and my face is filled with total glee of anticipation.

and oh, did i forget that next week, we will be celebrating our 9th year anniversary as bestfriends? i would never miss an opportunity to spend quality time with "my man" on this very special occassion! i can already picture next week's gonna be really great :)

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