Sunday, August 26, 2007

reunion of the bride & the MOHs

last night, i had the chance to finally sit down and have a decent meal with my two best girl friends in the world – my best cousin Sarj & my bessie Beth. it has been a long while since we went out and had dinner altogether, and to be honest, i really missed this kind of catching up. we rarely go out anymore, and basically it’s because of the many other priorities that we have in life right now. not that we don’t prioritize each other anymore…it’s just because many changes took place in our lives since the year unfolded.

Sarj, being a cabin crew, has the most complicated schedule of all. she’s rarely in town during weekends, and usually, her off days are scheduled during the start of the week, which she usually ends up spending at home (bummer!). these days, she’s been extremely busy preparing for the arrival of her better half next month because this time, he’s not just gonna be vacationing in Dubai, but he will be staying here for good to be with her (sweet!). i could understand because i was also in her shoes last year - i could still remember how preoccupied i was when i was preparing for honey’s arrival, too.

now bessie Beth – she’s the only friend that i get to spend time with. everyday, i carpool with her, and i go to the same fitness centre where she works. but of course, things have changed lately, as well. not to mention that i have to divide my time because i have a husband to look after and spend time with, but also because she found herself a new “love” to focus on. which leaves us to a few, brief meaningful chitchats every now and then, or an hour’s worth of conversation in the car when being dropped off to work or on the way home. but hey, i’m not complaining! it doesn’t matter to me (not at this stage anymore) because i see that she’s very happy and i know that she is also being looked after. no sense for me be jealous of her time with the man who stole her heart.

our dinner at Bella Donna was short, but was truly fun and meaningful. instances such as this will not be as frequent as before, but the good side of it is that this kind of get-together will be something to look forward to. it may not happen again in the next coming weeks, but surely, our next reunion will be as lovely as last night’s.

**gracie, sarj & beth**

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