Thursday, August 9, 2007

man's bestfriend

on the way to work this morning, we saw a run over dog lying in the middle of the road going towards the aiport tunnel. it was a heartbreaking scene for me & bessie Beth, as we are both dog lovers. knowing that there are no stray dogs here in the UAE, we could only reckon that the dog was lost and couldn’t find his way home. the poor thing could be a resident in one of the villas in the area, and for sure by now, the owner could be frantically looking for his/her pet.

seeing that horrific sight made me realize how much i should be thankful that my pet dogs at home are safe and sound. but the same thought made me miss them terribly. Ryan & i have long wanted to have a pet in our flat, but we have to let go of the idea since we don’t have that much space at home, plus the fact that our landlord, like most of the landlords here in UAE, is not keen about having dogs in his building.

till i see Chloe, Chooey and Alexis when i am next in Manila, for the time being, i’ll just make do with reminiscing the happy times i had with them, and eagerly look forward to our reunion.

with Chloe

with Chooey

with Alexis

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