Monday, August 6, 2007

going loco over LocoRoco

a few days after getting Ryan's PSP, he decided to purchase a couple of games that would be of interest to the two of us as he plans to share his gaming console with me. surfing the net for feedbacks on the best-selling games off the rack, he found a lot of good reviews about this japanese children's game called LocoRoco. checking out one of the stalls in City Centre Sharjah, Ryan eagerly bought the game, along with Ratchet and Clank.

while we were at the gaming shop, i have to admit i was hesitant to get the LocoRoco game, because i thought it would be boring because the game is actually intended for kids. the package says it's for ages 3+ , so it meant that even a toddler could actually play this game. sounds lame to me!

when Ryan began showing me how the game works, complete with sound effects and funny movements made by the LocoRocos, i was totally enthralled! and before i knew it, i found myself hooked on the game. i now play before going to bed, play on my way to work, play on the way home and play even during my lunch breaks.

the object of the game is for the LocoRocos to save the planet from the moja troops and rescue mui mui. to succeed in doing this, the player must tilt the planet by using the left or right shoulder buttons in order to maneuver the coloured jelly-like characters through each level by means of gravity. you can just imagine me looking silly moving my arms and shoulders left & right, and tilting my head in the same manner. who said this game's just for kids?? :) it's pretty tough, i tell you...plenty of difficult levels that even adults find a hard time going through. i swear, this thing is addictive! (and did i mention absolutely adorable, too?)

watch this clip to see for yourself:

wonder what happened to the Ratchet and Clank game? let's just say the package remains unopened up until this day.

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