Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ryan's surprise birthday party

i’ve been frantically planning for weeks on what to do to celebrate Ryan’s birthday. since his two college buddies Armil and Bobby are now based here in Dubai, thought i might as well prepare a little something to push the boat out and make him feel really special on his big day.

a few days ago, i contacted his friends and invited them over to our apartment for a nice get-together. there’s one thing i required from them, though - and that is to keep this gathering a secret. i initially wanted to celebrate it elsewhere, but because the private venue i wanted wasn’t available, i opted to hold his party at our place instead.

thursday afternoon: as soon as i stepped out of the office, i immediately contacted his friends to confirm the time of the dinner. i ordered his cake from French Bakery and arranged its pick up c/o Alvin and Kitten, and phoned Bamboo Chinese to order in advance for the next evening’s doof.

the following day, i convinced him to do a little spring cleaning in the afternoon, with a promise that we will catch a movie afterwards. i even coaxed him to check the screening times at Sahara Centre’s Grand Cinemas and talked about what stuff we needed to buy at the mall. it worked! he practically had no clue about the planned surprise! thanks to his new PSP, he was so preoccupied he didn’t bother to mind the chinese food delivery boy who rang the doorbell at 7:20pm!

after 10 minutes, another doorbell rang at our apartment. this time, i asked him to see who it was. finding him halfway to the door though, i remembered we have a security peep hole, so i scrammed and told him that i’m gonna be the one to check instead. when i opened the door, his friends greeted him in chorus with a videocam on hand to record his stunned look. he was so clueless he was caught on camera on his surprise birthday bash on a “pambahay” look!
a few minutes later, Alvin and Kitten arrived with the lovely and great-tasting triple chocolate cake i ordered. must say it was divine! the sweet-toothed guests loved every bite of it.

i can never forget the look on Ryan’s face last friday evening. it was almost a duplicate of his  astonished look a few years ago when i first surprised him on his birthday. this year, it was minus the kink cake, the funny waiters of congo grill and two of his other buddies Edizon and Francis, but still, it was fun-filled with the boys’ good-natured teasing and hearty mirth!

to my hubbybear Ryan - happy, happy birthday! hope you liked this li'l surprise! :) love you loads & loads!!

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