Wednesday, July 4, 2007

healthy living...healthy options

finally, i had the chance to kick start my daily regimen of going to the gym. yup, you read that right – i have begun working on my mission of shedding off my unwanted pounds. after months and months of whining about how much i’ve grown horizontally, i’ve decided to just hit the fitness centre and get back into shape. i’ve been carrying this heavy baggage since the first half of the year, technically after the church wedding, and if i don’t start working on it now, i may forever succumb to this horrible feeling of discomfort, especially with the heavy panting due to my extra weight disproportionate to my wonderful height!

a little discipline for a few more months and hopefully i’ll head straight back to my usual dress size. shopping for new clothes is so much fun, but it’s no fun at all if the clothes you love don’t fit you anymore!

p.s. special thanks to bessie Beth for the complimentary workout…LOL!

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