Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dubai summer surprises

i’ve been to dubai for just a couple of years, and this year is my 3rd Dubai Summer Surprises experience. apart from the shopping occurrences i’ve lived though in Manila, the encounters i’ve had here in the UAE are definitely worth raving about. all imaginable international brands you can name are on sale – from 30% to 70% off.

just the mere thought of it will give you an adrenaline rush! since it began last 21st june, malls all over town were flocked by hundreds of patrons from all over the city and the neighboring emirates. some even flew in to dubai to experience this kind of shopping phenomenon, while taking a holiday break into this fast-paced city with 5-star hospitality offering with low-season rates. as a counterpart of the winter season Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises offers the same kind of excitement to shoppers of all ages. and to someone like me, a shopping event like this is like a roller coaster ride thrill of an experience.

well, allow me to give you a picture of how this year’s DSS has changed my life: (1) my shoe cabinet wouldn’t fit all my shoes anymore, (2) our wardrobe closet has undergone a re-organization session last weekend because of the additional pile of clothes accumulated in the last couple of weeks, (3) my weekends were spent outside the flat, (4) my credit card company has sent me a letter increasing my credit limit for the nth time, (5) i had to sell a used item at souk.com to give way to this:

i promise -- this will be the last shopping spree for the year! then i’ll start saving again on my piggy bank for our planned holiday travels! (inshallah!)

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